Going Live!!

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It has been a week or two since Cards And Candles For All Occasions posted photographs or information about any of our new products but don’t despair, we have been busy!!

Not only have we both been fighting dreaded chest infections, we have been working on our website – we decided it was in need of a major overhaul, so we decided to undertake the task while we were ‘out of action’. It was a bigger task than I imagined.

So now we have our revamped website and I’m quite happy with how it’s looking… we have opted for a simplistic background so that the focus is not taken away from the website content, moved our navbar to the top of the page and the most exciting part? We now have an integrated >webstore< on our site.

We have taken time to sort out the photographs on our site, removing those we weren’t really happy with, altering the categories, changing pages and generally tidying up and I’m fairly impressed with how it looks now.

What do you think? www.landmcardsforalloccasions.webs.com

We would love to hear what you think of the new site, what’s your favourite part? What do you think is missing? Is there anything you don’t like? All opinions are gratefully received.

Thankfully we are both feeling lots better now although still not quite 100%, we’re improving day by day and hope to be back to full swing by the weekend with production increasing by the beginning of the week.

Sadly, we have had to cancel our place at Sunday’s craft fair, which you can read about here but we wish everyone well for the event and hope it’s a huge success.

Love to all,

Laura & Gordon xxx


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