Bank Holiday Bargains

Here we are on the last day of August, where has this month gone?  It seems to have flown by, well in actual fact this year seems to have passed so quickly.  Less than four months until Christmas?  Surely it can’t be?  It’s madness!!

As we know the end of August in England can only mean one thing. Yesterday was a bank holiday!! Normally Cards And Candles For All Occasions choose to work through bank holidays (like many self employed businesses) and opt for a quieter day off later on, but on this occasion we had a friend visiting so we made an exception.

For two reasons we decided yesterday would be a ‘no work’ day… just as well really as we’ve had no internet connection for two days but then that’s a different story. I decided to go out for lunch and do a spot of shopping with a friend yesterday while Gordon stayed in bed as he’s currently laid up with ‘flu like symptoms. So much for his Flu, Swine Flu and Pneumonia injections. We’re just hoping he recovers quickly, as being diabetic he’s more susceptible to viruses, etc.

Yesterday started off with a wander round the local shopping centre which was surprisingly quiet, saw a few ideas for Christmas gifts and browsed some crafty supplies. Also picked up a fab bargain of fourteen Promarker pens for just £10.00!!! Can’t believe how much of a bargain those were 😀

I can’t wait to start experimenting with my Promarkers as until now I had a very limited selection and haven’t really used them, to be honest I’m not sure how to use them to their best advantage but I feel lots of experimenting coming on!!


As Allan wanted to go looking for Christmas present ideas for his Mum and Grandma we decided to pop into the Wedgwood & Royal Doulton Outlet Store to see if anything caught his eye. I’m not a typical Doulton or Wedgwood fan, but I did see some beautiful pieces while we were there. I fell in love with the ‘Jasper Elegance Collection’… absolutely stunning!!

I was also surprised to see a collection of Thomas Webb crystal ware, as I didn’t know that it was in any way connected to Doulton – I have a stunning Thomas Webb crystal vase which I was given by my dear Mum shortly before she passed away, such expensive yet stunning pieces.

They also have an absolutely beautiful range of Christmas decorations, such beautiful detail and colour ‘Christmas Collection’.

While we there I decided to treat myself to a lovely coffee pot with two cups and saucers, in the Johnson Brothers Satin Blush range… for three pieces I paid a grand total of £9.74!! When I have a bit more money I’ll definitely be purchasing a few more pieces in this design. It’s gorgeous… the outer of each piece is like a white ripple, with the inside being a beautiful pinky-mauve colour. It’s beautiful.

Here are a few pieces from the Johnson Brothers Satin Blush design…


Side plate and dinner plate (same design):
sideplate dinnerplate

Cream Jug:
cream jug

Sugar Bowl:
sugar bowl

I haven’t been able to find photographs of the cup and saucer, but I’m sure you can imagine what those look like 🙂

My new coffee pot is gorgeous and it easily holds six cups of coffee – I’ve had to test that theory this morning, and yes my coffee was still hot on the last cup!!

coffee pot

I think you’ll agree that yesterday was a successful Bank Holiday ‘Bargain Hunt’ – I’m very happy with my purchases and can’t wait to expand my Satin Blush collection. I’m not sure why I’ve suddenly taken to using a cup and saucer, but I much prefer it to a mug now 😀

Well, it’s back to working now… enough shopping and leisure time for one week.

Have a good week!!

Love Laura xxx


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