Crafty Recommendation

Good morning all from a very rainy Stoke-on-Trent.

Cards And Candles For All Occasions have a busy day ahead with customer orders, wedding stationery sample requests and an ongoing painting/decorating job – it’s all go-go-go!!

We thought we would take five minutes this morning though to recommend a wonderful fellow crafter, someone who offers excellent quality products, personalisation and superb attention to detail. Not to mention fantastic customer service which is second to none.

Who are we talking about? Sew And Soaps of course.

Sew And Soaps is owned and run by the lovely Sarah who has a fantastic dedication to her work.

Our initial order from Sew And Soaps was for company poloshirts for when we’re attending events, etc and they made these excellent quality personalised poloshirts for Cards And Candles For All Occasions:


Even when dealing with the most difficult subjects, Sarah does what she can to make it as painless as possible, she deals with many bereaved parents offering personalised memorial blankets, cushions, teddy bears and many more personalised items.

We recently ordered this beautiful memorial blanket for baby Jordan Alexander:


One of the most recent additions to the Sew And Soaps range are these personalised nappy cake gift sets, which are perfect for any newborn baby. They can also be altered for many different occasions and are just gorgeous as I’m sure you’ll agree.


I’m sure you will agree that Sew And Soaps work is absolutely beautiful… wonderful designs, excellent quality and very reasonably priced. They also offer personalised plates, candles, towels, gift baskets and many many more gift ideas.

Interested in getting in touch or following their new ideas? You can do so at:

Sew And Soaps Website

Sew And Soaps on Facebook

Sew And Soaps on Twitter

Go on, treat yourself or a loved one… and don’t forget to tell them we sent you!!

Laura xxx


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