All Dressed Up…

Cards And Candles For All Occasions are looking forward to a night out!!

On 24th September 2010 we will be celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary, which is also the five month anniversary of our fully registered full time self employed business. A good excuse for a night out? I’d say so.

I’ve treated myself to this gorgeous black dress… I don’t tend to wear dresses much, I’m more of a trousers sort of girly, but just lately I’ve decided that I want to move away from jeans and combats to a more ‘lady-like’ wardrobe and what better excuse to go shopping đŸ™‚


I have some new gorgeous jewellery that I plan to wear with my new dress, the first is this gorgeous pendant from Orchy Design:


And secondly, this gorgeous wire wrapped bracelet from the wonderful Claire Ogden Designs:


Now I just need to find some nice shoes and a handbag… I’ve already ordered some nice new underwear (a nice push up bra and ‘suck it in’ pants lol) but you’re not seeing those piccies lol đŸ˜‰

Where are we going? I’ve no idea but we’ll think of somewhere!!

All opinions welcome.

Love Laura xxx


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