Moneysaving Idea

Ok, as crafters we all know that we like a bargain… better still we like a freebie, but at the same time we also just have to have all the latest gadgets and tools and designs and patterns, which as we know can get a bit costly.

I know that myself and many other people have recently become addicted with the embossing folders which are available from Cuttlebug and Sizzix (they can be used in the Cuttleug, Bigshot and Texture Boutique) but buying them all does get pretty expensive. There’s also the fact that with them being so popular your ideas and designs might not stay unique for long.

So, where is this post going I hear you ask? It’s going straight to another bloggers post which a friend sent me this evening.

Why not have a browse on Craft Gossip – it’s full of fab ideas, including a fab tutorial to make your own embossing folders.

DIY embossing folders mean that your designs will have that little uniqueness, you can get exactly what you want and know that nobody else will have exactly the same. I’d say that’d a pretty darned good result đŸ˜€

The tutorial can be seen on YouTube >HERE<. Watch and enjoy!!


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