You Want To Be What??

A fantastic customer of ours recently contacted us about designing a bespoke greetings card for a friend who is giving up her current career to complete a course in teaching.

Brave, stupid or to be admired? I’ll let you decide.

Our customer thought that her friend really did need a warning about the wonderful little darlings she may find herself working with in the future, so we came up with a card to suit.

The design is based on a ‘blob classroom’ of rowdy pupils with the teacher at the front of the classroom, no doubt being ignored!! (isn’t that what usually happens?)


The inside of the card reads:

Although we’ll miss your witty remarks
We know you must go and get top marks
We’ve enjoyed your company and your smile
Now off you go to impart your wisdom on an unsuspecting child
Good luck with your course and the future ahead
We know for sure you will knock ’em dead!

If you would like a custom designed greetings card or keepsake then please get in touch either via our website at or by email at

Love Laura xxx


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