Room With A View

It’s Sunday morning and the sun is shining, motivation and inspiration are in full swing so I’ve sat down in the craft room and been working on some new designs using acetate.

Acetate is very tricky to photograph so you’ll have to excuse my “not very good” photographs.

The first completed acetate keepsake completed today is the “Room With A View” design… this is a concertina design so folds flat to fit in an envelope but opens out to give the 3D effect.


There are three layers each containing different components of the design, the base layer has the chandelier light and dressing table, which the second layer has a dressmakers mannequin and perfume bottles, while the final layer completes the scene with a glamorous lady and her shopping bags.


The design is then completed with the ‘brickwork’ and ‘window’ to give the finished effect.


We are looking to work on this range and offer a range of ‘rooms’ though we have to source the appropriate design and decor and decide on which rooms to include we are looking forward to this and would love to hear your feedback.


Hopefully we’ll find a better way to photograph our acetate designs too!!

Thank you for reading and we’d love to hear what you think đŸ™‚

Love Laura xxx



  1. Hi Laura this is really good i love these type of cards i made a few and i will be making more they are great fun to make love it x x x

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