I’m only human

Some of our wonderful followers, customers and friends may have noticed a recent drop in our productivity levels of new stock and blog updates, please don’t be alarmed. Cards And Candles For All Occasions are still in full swing, we just don’t seem to have all that much time at the moment.

This post is not intended as a whinge or moan, just a general update for our lovely followers to let you know why we’ve been so quiet.

Eleven years ago I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my left wrist, since then the pain has increased, I’ve seen various specialists at three different hospitals and been receiving lots of different medications. Then in 2007 I also damaged the Trapzius Muscle in my left shoulder… an injury which has never properly healed, possibly something to do with the fact that the injury occurred the week before our four week holiday in New Zealand so I didn’t rest it as I should have done lol.

Anyway, a few months ago the pain in my wrist and shoulder gradually began to increase to the extent where I’ve been getting no sleep unless I combine my strong painkillers with prescription sleeping tablets (something that I don’t like to take) so I made an appointment to see my GP… she examined my shoulder and confirmed that there was inflammation in the trapezius muscle so I was prescribed high dosage Ibuprofen to take alongside my Targinact – feel like a walking pharmacy at the moment. I was also referred back to the Neurologist to see what can be done about the pain, discomfort and loss of feeling in my wrist caused by the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

As the weeks have passed the pain levels have remained the same, though admittedly some days are far worse than others but there are very few ‘good’ days. I went along to my appointment with the Neurology consultant on Monday to be told… wait for it… yep, you guessed it… misdiagnosis!!! I don’t have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at all. According to this consultant I don’t have any nerve damage at all, it’s some sort of muscular problem so for the last eleven years I’ve been dealing with a problem which wasn’t actually there but not dealing with the real problem.

Now I need to wait for my GP to refer me to see an Orthopedic specialist to investigate the muscular problems, but on a plus side the GP has said she’ll ask them to investigate my shoulder problem too.

So why am I telling you this? Due to the pain levels and side effects of my medication I’m not getting as much chance to create as I would like to… seem to be very sleepy a lot of the time and can’t concentrate when I sit down to create new designs.

On a plus side we have a steady flow of custom orders coming in (pictures to follow soon) which we are taking great pleasure in working on which as our customers are very descriptive with what they’re looking for makes designing that little bit simpler… though we do like a challenge đŸ˜‰

We are always happy and grateful to new and existing customers… we love to hear what you’re looking for and design something special for your requirements so if there’s something special you have in mind then why not email us at laurascardsforalloccasions@yahoo.com

Or alternatively you can purchase something from our ‘in stock’ range on our Folksy shop at http://www.folksy.com/shops/CardsAndCandlesForAllOccasions

Watch this space as we’ll update as soon as we can đŸ™‚

Thanks for all your support.

Love Laura xxx


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