Something For A Friend

Some of you may remember seeing our last batch of handbag keepsake cards a few months ago, well we had a visit from a potential customer looking for something different as a special thank you, no particular occasion, just a thank you to a close friend for always being there.

We decided to go with a keepsake handbag, though this time we have left the top of the bag open and inside there is a matching card where our customer can write her own message, and also a laminated verse.

We are really happy with this set and hopefully we’ll be making more soon šŸ™‚


What do you think? Would you like something similar for your friend or loved one? Email us at

Love Laura xxx


One comment on “Something For A Friend

  1. Karen Saunders says:

    Dear Laura the above commission is great love nice idea and plenty to play with here I am sure you are going to do many more of all different sorts colours texture etc.
    Balissimo hunni xxxxxxxx love ya karen xxxxxxx

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