We love a challenge

Here at Cards And Candles For All Occasions we pride ourselves on working with our customers to design and handcraft greetings and keepsake cards to suit their own personal requirements and to match the recipients hobbies and pass-times, so when when we had an email from the lovely Lou Lous Luxuries looking for a bespoke birthday card for her Mum then we couldn’t say no.

The specification for this card was very clear… here we have a customer who knows exactly what she wants, which is a great help!!

We were asked for

a picture of a female chef (with big hat!) sweating over an oven. the line to read: ‘Carol was none impressed with cooking her own Birthday cake, but never mind…’

Inside….’She knows it’s the only way she’ll get a decent one!’ Then Underneath ‘Happy Birthday Mum!’ Maybe with a picture of a huge cake inside too?

This was a bit of a tricky one, I wasn’t really sure where to start – everything I looked at with regards to chef images were stereopically male… very sexist!! So I had to have a rethink and come up with something myself… I hope you like our design as much as our wonderful customer does 🙂




  1. Brilliant! I had the same situation just the other week as my MIL wanted a card for her dear friend with a TANDEM bicycle on it. I thought this was a little random to say the least, but after googling for images i found that I had missed that bike as there are people out there making wedding invites and oven mitts all with tandem bicycles on.
    Sam x

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