A Quick Update

This past week or so at Cards And Candles For All Occasions HQ hasn’t seen a lot in the way of product development as we’ve been busy busy busy focussing on the official paperwork side of things… as some of you may know we took the decision recently to make the transition from hobby crafters to a full time business and with this decision brought lots of paperwork, forms, meetings and official-ness so that’s all been keeping us busy which is the reason why we haven’t had a lot of time to be updating our blog.

In the last week we have had a meeting with ‘In Work Support’ who went through lots of information and different things we were unaware that we may be able to source assistance with… different assistance and support which is available through the Job Centre’s back to work scheme, so that’s all on our to-do list.

We had our first Inland Revenue course which was the “Newly Self Employed – the basics” course which was all about national insurance, tax and capital allowances/expenses. We were both dreading this course as we expected it to be very daunting and over our heads but we were both very happy with the course content and the woman leading the course… everyone on the course was in the same situation as us, they were either just starting their business or thinking of starting up and had no experience in the tax/NI field. The course was very well led, very informative and explained in ways which made it easy to follow and understand, so in my opinion it is definitely worthwhile attending.

Friday saw our last meeting of the week and was by-far our most exciting meeting… we met Carolyn of BizFizz at a recent event and arranged a meeting to discuss our business ideas and see what else Carolyn could recommend for us with regards to promoting our business, financial support and general business ideas.

Our meeting was very relaxed, a bit of a brain storming session over a cup of coffee (next time we’ll remember the biscuits!) and we got lots of fab ideas and contacts as a result… lots of companies and galleries to approach, people to approach regarding events, networking ideas and lots more avenues and ideas to investigate. We were feeling positive about our business before meeting Carolyn but were also at a stage where we were unsure how best to proceed with getting ourselves known, as a result of yesterday’s meeting we feel much more in control and have lots of new ideas and outlets to investigate. Also knowing that BizFizz are only a phone call away is a huge help… we’re also looking forward to getting involved with some of their ‘BizFizz breakfast’ networking events and getting to know other people who have been in our situations and how they are getting on, so we’d like to say a huge thank you to Carolyn for her help and support.

Also in this weeks news, Cards And Candles For All Occasions had our first wholesale order… our range of premature baby greetings cards are soon to be stocked by the lovely Prem2Pram so we would like to thank Sue for her lovely order which will be winging it’s way to Lancashire very soon!!

Well, that’s all of our news for now so we’re off to the craft room to see what new creations we can bring you… hopefully we’ll have some new ideas for you this week.

Hope you’re all enjoying the bank holiday weekend whatever you’re doing!!

Laura & Gordon xxx


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