Young, Gifted and Gay – No Reason To Be Murdered!!

On Friday morning I woke up to the news from my hometown of East Kilbride, that a local youth had been assaulted… after a few internet searches the reality worsened, two young lads were brutally attacked leaving one fighting for his life in intensive care, while his friend was pronounced dead at the scene.

We hear of murder and violent attack on a weekly basis but when it’s someone from our hometown, a young gifted teenager with their whole lives ahead of them, happened less than five minutes from where I grew up, and a young lad known by so many people that I know then the reality really hits home. Even though I never met Jack Frew, the actions and subsequent result of their actions has been going round and round in my head since hearing this tragic news.

Jack Frew

It sickens me to think that there are such nasty and evil people out there. I really don’t know what to say – Jack is obviously a very well respected and loved young man who had his whole life ahead of him… my thoughts are with Jack and his family at this awful time.

I hope that Jacks friend pulls through this awful attack – losing one young life is tragedy enough.

Someone somewhere knows who is responsible and I just hope that the people of EK work with the police to get the scum behind bars where they should be, and when they’re caught they should be made to suffer – and a life sentence should mean life!! I just hope they are caught before any other family has to suffer such tragedy.

The story of Jack’s attack can be read HERE

While the tribute page on Facebook for this young man is HERE and already has over 4,800 members showing just how loved Jack was and how his death has shocked East Kilbride.


I read the following article on a fellow bloggers site this morning and thought people may like to know the background of this wonderfully talented young man…

Jack Frew was an openly gay 16 year old who dreamed of being a dancer for Cheryl Cole. He looked like he just stepped off the set of High School Musical, though he actually lived in the town of East Kilbride in Scotland. Jack was killed last week as he walked along a local cycle path with a schoolfriend, Craig Roy, who is in a critical condition in hospital. It has been suggested that the boys were “ambushed” by youths near a local drinking den.

We read about the fatal stabbings of teenage boys in Scotland every week. The phrase “waste of a young life” has become over-used. Often these young men had pretty hopeless futures. That was not the case with Jack Frew. He known for his love of amateur dramatics and starred as Widow Twanky in his school pantomime. He wanted to go to Pineapple Dance Studios and encouraged others to live their dreams. You can tell from his facebook page what a popular guy he was. His profile reads “I look like a twat but at least I’m happy”. He didn’t look twattish in the least, but he seemed to be a lovely kid with a sense of humour. The hundreds of pretty girls among his friends adored him and some have set up a tribute site called Jack Frew RIP which now has more than 3000 members. His school headteacher paid tribute with these words:

“He was also a pupil whose personal qualities earned him the respect of both pupils and staff. Jack was a committed and conscientious young man on the brink of a bright future, with many opportunities open to him.

He is a great loss to our school community. We grieve for him and his family who are in our thoughts as they come to terms with the loss of their son and brother.”

Was he killed because he was gay? Jack clearly had no problem being himself and was accepted and loved by many people. That is a mark of how far we have come as a society. A generation ago a gay teenager living an a small town took the train to London as soon as he could. But a minority of morons are threatened by anyone who is different – whether that be a bright, engaging young person like Jack or someone who is disabled and vulnerable. Theirs is a narrow, self-limiting mindset. They are incapable of empathy.

I hope other people are as sickened by this pointless death as I am. If it is another random knife attack, it should put more pressure on the authorities to take radical measures to combat violence with blades and the alcohol abuse associated with it. If it turns out that Jack and his friend were victims of a homophobic attack, then Scotland as a whole should come together and voice our anger and repulsion.


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