Ebay Warning!!

Throughout 2010 we at Cards And Candles For All Occasions are hoping to attend more craft fairs and events, with many of these requiring us to provide our own tables and chairs, so we decided that the one table we had wouldn’t be enough so on 29th April 2010 we ordered a 6ft trestle table from what looked like a reliable Ebay seller… they have over 300 positive feedbacks and no negative feedback. Other trestle tables sold with positive buyer feedback so all looked ok.

We sent off the Paypal payment and after a couple of days (bank holiday weekend delays lol) we got an email from the seller to advise that our table had been dispatched and we would be receiving it shortly. Still everything seemed ‘normal’ so when the delivery arrived this morning in a taxi alarm bells began to ring… I thought it rather odd, especially as it was a taxi driver with attitude delivering my parcel.

He eventually brought the parcel into the garden with much huffing and puffing, I signed the paperwork and he left… bit of a driver with a problem I reckon!!

Anyway, we brought the box inside and immediately unpacked to discover that the corner of the table, a section about six inches square is smashed into tiny pieces. Instead of emailing and waiting and emailing again, I decided to get the sellers contact phone number from Ebay and I’m glad I did!!

I phoned the number given, told the woman who I was to be greeted with “I’ve just been talking to my mother in law about this, I’ve never bought or sold on Ebay” – the woman said her christian name was the same as the one I was given by Ebay, but her surname wasn’t and she refused to take any responsibility for the Ebay account transactions. I advised her I would be reporting the issue to Ebay as suspected fraud and damaged items and she couldn’t have cared less. It all seemed a very calculated and pre-planned response from her, as though she was expecting me to call?! If that were me, I’d have been very taken aback and shocked, not defensive and cocky!!

Next phone call was a lovely girl called Michelle at Ebay… she was really helpful when I explained the situation, talking me through how to raise a dispute through the resolution centre, advising me of the procedures, etc and is going to contact the woman on the telephone number they have and either have the problem resolved or start the ball rolling with their fraud department. The problem we have now is that we need to wait TEN days before we can do anything else as the seller has that period to respond to either issue a refund or replacement, only after ten days and no satisfactory resolution can I then try to get a refund through Ebay. I know Ebay have rules, regulations and guidelines but this is soooo frustrating as we need a table for our next event on 23rd May!!!

I was just filing my paperwork and notes about this Ebay transaction and complaint when I decided to do a Google search for the telephone number I was given as a contact for the seller, and it matches a company in Barnsley while the Ebay details state the seller as being in Worksop. Also the company name which the telephone number is for ties in with the Paypal email address which accepted my Paypal payment for the table on 30th April however the website of the company shows no contact details what so ever which in itself is very strange.

Let’s hope that Ebay get on the case rather quickly and we can get this matter resolved quickly as not only are we out of pocket for the table cost, we have a damaged table that we can’t use and we don’t have a table to use when we need it. It is all very very frustrating.

So if you are looking to purchase from Ebay (or indeed any other online retailer) just be careful 😉

Laura xxx


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