First fair of the year

Sunday 25th April 2010 saw Cards And Candles For All Occasions first event of the year so we were full of high hopes especially as the weather in the days leading up to it had been so nice.

Sunday morning we got up bright and early at 5:30am to get showered, dressed, sort the animals and be at Weston Coyney Junior School, Stoke on Trent for 7am to set up our stall for the Craft Fair and Table Top sale which was open 8am until 12noon.

While we were on our way to the venue the rain decided to start, not much but a little drizzle and big grey clouds – not a promising start to the morning but on we went anyway as it was an indoor event, in a local school which we thought would have lots of support from the parents and families of the children at the school.

We arrived and unloaded the car to discover that the stalls consisted of:

Ourselves with handcrafted cards and candles
One stall with handcrafted jewellery
Two stalls with handcrafted cards
One stall with Phoenix Trading
One stall with knitted babywear
One stall with books “Bookies and Cookies”
One stall selling cardmaking materials
Three stalls with general bric-a-brac (carboot style)

And to top it all off, the four card stands were placed together!! Can you see the logic in that?

Needless to say by now we were starting to have doubts but we put on the smiles anyway and set about chatting to other stallholders and potential customers.

So 8am came and went, as did 9am and still no customers… around 9:30am people started to arrive, only very few people and most of them knew stallholders so were there for moral support rather than to buy but we still managed to hand out a few business cards. The event went on until 12noon and I think in total there were about 30 visitors – none of which had children with them so obviously parents were not supporting the event which I found quite sad.

Speaking to the people who did come in and fellow stallholders it seemed that there was no advertising for this event – nothing except a very small sign on the school gate which you could only read when you got close, so hearing that then I wasn’t surprised about the lack of visitors.

Sales-wise it wasn’t a good day, our table cost £5.00 and our sales totalled £6.25 so we made a whole £1.25 – enough to cover petrol!! lol. However we did meet some lovely people including Debbie Wheeldon of Resident’s Who Care Association who has taken our details for future local events, hoping to be in August and November… Debbie also runs various courses including crafts so sells cardmaking materials… great to know!!

We also got talking to a lovely lady called Sue Hahn who started making jewellery in January 2010 whilst visiting family in Australia, her jewellery is beautiful. All unique and handcrafted by Sue, yesterday was her first try at ‘selling’ but after chatting throughout the morning about different selling avenues and local events, she has decided to look into furthering her hobby and perhaps expanding to regular craft fairs – it would be great to see Sue doing well as her jewellery is gorgeous and shouldn’t be hidden away!!

All in all, we had a lovely morning… lovely atmosphere, yummy bacon sandwiches, friendly stallholders and great new contacts and friends made and a couple of sales so in our opinion, even although we didn’t make our millons it was a worthwhile event.

Would we attend this event again? To be honest I’m not sure… it would depend whether the organiser was going to increase advertising and awareness of the event to hopefully gain more visitors. We’ll see.

Onwards and upwards now for next weekends bank holiday events, hopefully they will be a bit busier 🙂

Saturday 1st May 2010
11:00am – 4:00pm
Haywood Dog Show
Haywood Engineering College
High Lane
Stoke on Trent


Monday 3rd May 2010 (bank holiday)
1:00pm – 5:00pm
Summer Fayre
Blackshaw Moor First School
Buxton Road
Blackshaw Moor
Near Leek
ST13 8TW


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  1. hey hun, sorry it wasn’t brilliant, we don’t do well with finishing at 12 ones as we sleep till 11.30ish lol and hubby was at work till then, but we will be coming to the one at burslem definitely 🙂 xx

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