I’ve Been Tagged: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Thank you to the lovely Wendy over at 1st Unique Gifts for tagging me in the ‘Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Me’ blog game. You can see Wendy’s answers here: 1st Unique Gifts Blog.

OK, so here we go… seven things you didn’t know about me, and probably aren’t all that bothered about either lol.

1. Growing up I was never a girly girl… I used to spend most of my spare time in the garage or at work with my Dad where he was a mechanic and bus driver, which sparked a huge interest in cars – even though I don’t have a drivers licence!!

2. Even as a baby I was stubborn – I should have been born on 9th December 1980, but didn’t arrive (by C-section!) until three weeks later on the 29th!!

3. Gordon and I got married twice in eight days!! Well, we got married in Scotland as we wanted to explore the lochs and glens for a few days afterwards, but then we decided to have a church blessing here in Stoke on Trent for all of Gord’s family and our friends down here. Two ceremonies, two receptions, two photographers – it was fab, and I got to wear my gorgeous wedding dress twice too!!


4. I am a registered breeder of long and smoothcoat chihuahuas with the Kennel Club, this was something I became involved in with my late Mum in 1992 and when she passed away hubby and I decided to carry this on.

5. I never planned to have my own crafts business though have always loved crafting, this all took off when I handcrafted our own wedding stationery in 2004, then decided to start making some greetings cards for local charities and so Cards & Candles For All Occasions was born. Hubby and I absolutely love what we do and wouldn’t change it for anything. Being our own boss is the best feeling in the world though needs lots of commitment, dedication and routine.

6. When I was little I met Bob Carolgees and Spit the dog at a charity event which I was at with my aunt and her partner… whatever happened to Bob?

7. For my seventh birthday my grandparents bought tickets for me and my eldest cousin, Kerry, to go to the theatre to see Glen Michael’s Cartoon Cavalcade… this show was on the day of my birthday and much to my embarassment, I was called onto stage as they had told the production team it was my birthday!! Everyone sang happy birthday to me while I stood on stage with Glen Michael before being presented with some Cartoon Cavalcade goodies đŸ™‚

Hope I haven’t bored you too much, I have enjoyed my little trip through the memory bank and hope you have too.

And now to tag five fellow bloggers to take part in this fab challenge, I love to read about other people so here’s hoping they all decide to participate đŸ™‚

Jan’s Cards, Crafts & Musings






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