Summer’s On It’s Way

Summer is on it’s way and we’re looking forward to getting some ‘shorts and tshirt’ weather but here at Cards And Candles For All Occasions I have decided that I’d like to shed a few pounds so have joined the Misi sellers Slimathon which is raising money for the The Richard Derek Meese Sunflower Tribute Fund and hopefully by supporting each other then I’ll be more inclined to persevere with my healthy eating diet.

I tend to find that I snack and lunch on unhealthy foods throughout the day when I’m working so that’s the biggest habit I need to change, I seem to ‘forget’ about breakfast then snack on biscuits and junk food so the plan is to cut out junk food as much as I can… chocolate, biscuits, takeaways, etc – still have the odd treat but that’s it.

Also eating lots more fresh fruit and vegetables, home made soups and salads. Just generally healthier eating and home made freshly prepared meals instead of pre-prepared shop meals. The main target is to eat breakfast, lunch and evening meal and cut out all of the snack foods in between. Here’s hoping that it does some good!!

So yesterday saw the start of healthier lunches… a nice big batch of yummy home made soup, I’ve made enough to freeze as well as for the next few days. I just ‘threw’ in what veggies came to hand and it’s absolutely delish!! Normally all of my home made soups have a lentil base but not this one, it’s simply:

Vegetable stock
Garden Peas

All simmered together for about an hour then blitzed in the food blender. I’ve separated it into three storage containers which are in the freezer ready to be taken out and used, and enough left over for yesterday, today and at least tomorrow too.

I’ll definitely be making this sort of soup again as it’s really tasty… lots of lovely flavours blended together in a nice thick consistency. Yummy!!

So here’s hoping that all of the healthy eating is going to do some good and everyone manages to raise some money for Richard’s Tribute Fund đŸ™‚

Watch this space!!


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