Happy Easter 2010


Good morning all and a Happy Easter to each and every one of you, I hope you are all having a relaxing family Sunday and indulging in lots of Easter goodies, as well as remembering the reasons for today.

We are members of a brilliamt forum which is full of lovely, likeminded people who love to create and share ideas. Each Christmas there is a ‘Secret Santa’ organised on the Crafts Forum where members are each allocated one other member to craft and send a gift to… the recipient doesn’t know who they will be receiving a gift from until it arrives.

This year we also participated in the Crafts Forum ‘Secret Easter Bunny’ which is the same format as ‘Secret Santa’ and we all had to promise not to open our gifts until Easter Sunday… and here we are, the day has arrived.

My parcel arrived about two weeks ago… a package clearly marked *Do Not Open Until Easter Sunday* so I knew that it must be my Secret Easter Bunny gift, I have been sooo excited waiting for today to come so I could open it to see what was inside.

I pulled open the outer packaging to discover that it was all wrapped in another plastic bag which had inside three parcels wrapped in lovely yellow Eastery tissue paper, each clearly labelled from Crafty Chics which after a little bit of investigating I found out was the lovely CharlieB78 on the forum… thank you sooo much!!!

I carefully unwrapped my first little parcel and was delighted to find two of the cutest little fimo cupcake magnets… they are adorable!! I need to find somewhere in my craft room where i can put them – I don’t want to hide them away in the kitchen, they’re too cute for that!!!


Next I unwrapped my second parcel which is this gorgeous summer flower keyring, very seasonal pretty đŸ™‚


And last but not least I opened my third (and biggest) parcel and inside was the most fab shopping bag, carefully decorated to match my keyring… gorgeous!! I can’t wait to show it off – I think I need to convince hubby to take me shopping, hehe.

I am absolutely delighted and overwhelmed by Nicky’s talent and generosity with our Crafts Forum ‘Secret Easter Bunny’ and would like to send lots of thanks and appreciation for the beautiful pieces she has sent me, they will be proudly shown off and enjoyed.


I would also like to send huge thanks to the lovely Karen aka BeadsByDesign for her wonderful organisation and the time she spends organising our Santa and Easter Bunny events… Karen’s work is very beautiful and can be seen on her website Crystal Velvet ‘here’.

We would like to wish you all a Happy Easter and hope you enjoy your weekend whatever you are all doing.

Lots of love, Laura & Gordon xxx


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  1. Oh I’m glad you like them … sorry for not putting my forum name on the parcel …. I got a bit carried away using my new labels

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