Once bitten, twice shy?

Good morning all, sorry we haven’t been around over the last few days… everything at Cards & Candles For All Occasions has been pretty manic over the last few days since we were in talks with a prospective stockist of our items.

We had an ‘out of the blue’ email on Thursday night asking if we would be interested in selling a large quantity of keepsake cards and candles to them on a wholesale basis, of course we jumped at the chance – who wouldn’t? So we arranged quantities and prices and the order was placed but we were advised they required delivery asap so Friday and yesterday was spent sourcing materials and working on the items for her order, early mornings, late nights and blistered hands!! lol.

I spoke to a friend who had also received contact from this woman and the woman had placed an order with her on Friday too… we didn’t think anything of it as we just thought the woman was sourcing her stock from crafters in the Staffordshire area – nothing suspicious there?

Anyway, I emailed the woman with photographs of the progress of her order this morning to get an autoreply from her emails…


Gotcha!!! You’ve been had!!

There is no shop!!!

There is no Helena Carmichael!!!

Lots of UK crafters have been fooled!!!

I have your address!!! Silly person that you are!!!

Thank you for making my weekend!!!

I’m just glad that we had said we wanted full payment BEFORE we would release the order… short term we will be out of pocket for materials, etc but in the longterm we’ve got stock for our craft fairs which we needed to work on anyway.

It just goes to show that taking people at face value isn’t worth it!!

Hope nobody else has been ‘stung’ by this windup 😦



  1. I am so cross on your behalf! What do people hope to gain from doing things like this? I have posted link to your blog entry on Twitter to try and spread the word.

  2. Really sorry about what happened to you and Gord. Unfortunately, there are loads of these scams about. I must get at least one a day from people/companies who want me to supply candles wholesale or to do private label.

    I’m always very sceptical when I get these requests through my site. If they’re genuine then they won’t mind if you’re a bit off with them. Any scammers will just ignore your replies.

    This particular person obviously has a sick, warped and twisted sense of humour.

  3. OMG that’s terrible, clearly this hideous person has never had the brains or wherewithall to run his/her own business as they clearly have no idea of the costs and blood sweat and tears and sheer hard work small business owners put into their trades. You really should try and take this further if you can as she has in legal terms, committed a fraud by doing this intentionally. I’m so pleased you asked for payment up front so the monetary damage has been limited but this it completely unforgivable and as a business owner myself I am absolutely furious for you. Some people just aren’t worth the air they breathe and I hope they get their come uppance – you can’t go round doing stuff like this without any consequence. Good for you for posting this, I’m retweeting this for you and telling all the craft business people I know – if it’s anyone to do with craft in any way it will spread very quickly. I am so enraged it’s almost moved me to tears! xx

  4. There’s too much of this kind of thing happening – it’s disgusting. Thank goodness you didn’t part with any stock and will be able to use it.

  5. What a peice of work! There sure are some sad people out there. I’ll retweet this to make sure as many peeps as possible are aware.

    Don’t let it get you down :0)

  6. That’s just spiteful. Mind you, think of all the time she/he wasted on a pointless prank. What kind of loser puts all that effort into something so pathetic?
    I empathise. Jo

  7. what a horrible thing to happen. The person doing it must have a very big problem with UK crafters, not to mention some pretty big personal issues too.
    I would not worry about them having your address, I think that comment is just another wind-up, to stress you out even more.
    sending you cosmic hugs
    Peace and Light

  8. What a loser this person is! I am angry for you, but at least we are all safe in the knowledge that collectively we are ‘good’ honest people! That’s what counts!

    Take Care

  9. To be honest, the main thing here is to raise awareness of ‘her’ to fellow crafters… I was absolutely furious this morning and was intent on tracking her down but now I’ve calmed down and talked this over with hubby, etc we don’t really think there’s much chance of that, so we think it’ll just be a case of putting it down to experience and being even more in depth with questioning anyone in the future.

    In the longrun it means that I’m extra prepared for our forthcoming craft fairs, instead of rushing around at the last minute… blessing in disguise? lol

    Right now, I have other things to worry about as hubby has fallen this morning and has a suspected fractured elbow so I’m playing nurse and worrying as you can well imagine… he’s fractured it so often in the past and all the signs are there but he won’t go to A&E as he was told if he does it again it may mean surgery. We’ll see, hoping it’s just swelling and bruising!!

    Anyways, thank you all for your support… if I do get any more information about this ‘woman’ then I’ll definitely let you know!!

    Laura xxx

  10. Hey Laura. Do we think this is an old friend, or some competition? Or do we think the woman didnt have the funds to pay, so instead of embarrassing herself, said that? Either way, what a bitch. Least it isnt AS bad as it could have been for you guys.

    Best of luck for the future. Jay x

  11. That’s awful. How sad that there are people like that around when we all work hard for our pennies and try to think the best of the people who are, or might become, our customers.

    Leaves a nasty taste …


  12. That’s just so awful and sad, but great that you can be so philosophical about it. On the odd occasion where I’ve been approached, I always checked out websites and Googled their business name & alleged location.
    Some folk are just plain mean!

  13. Sorry to hear that, the only positive to come out of this is to make other like minded crafters aware so that we know it is happening and to be cautious. I hope you can sell your stock and wish you all the best.

  14. In all cases where someone want’s to make a wholesale order, there are several steps to take before jumping in with both feet.

    1, get the contacts full name
    2, get the name of the business and where it is (website, B&M address, where they sell?)
    3, run the details through Google, Yell.com, Ask and ony other search engine you can find.
    4, the results of what you find will help you decide if this is bogus or not.

    Don’t jump in with both feet, much as the excitement may drive you that way.


  15. Oh God, that’s awful! I know violence doesn’t solve anything, but it sounds like she really does deserve a good firm slap…

    When someone is particularly spiteful or otherwise horrendous, I always tell myself:

    “I might have had to deal with her, but she has to BE herself every single day!”

    It just makes me think what a sad, twisted life these sort of people must lead…

    Thank goodness you can sell the goods at fairs etc.

    And who knows – that horror’s plot could have completely backfired: I came across your lovely products as a result of a link to your story being posted on a craft forum – so perhaps she’s unwillingly sent you loads of new sales!


  16. One of lifes wierdo’s pity they have nothing better to do with their time . Just think of all your lovely stock that you now have , and put it down to experience .

  17. oh my!!! thats awful.Sorry to hear you’ve been duped by such idiots!! I just never understand people like that what is the point!! how do they get kicks out of it.
    Thank you for warning all of us about it too. Hope you arent too out of pocket and can sell on what you made. Keep your chin.
    They will get their comeuppance sooner or later.
    Anna x

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