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Good morning all,

Over the last few weeks there have been lots of conversations going on about craft storage, both on the Crafts Forum and on Twitter so now that I have my storage sorted in some kind of organised manner I thought I’d blog about it and hopefully give other people some ideas.

First and foremost we have my desk and the table next to it, this is where all of my creating takes place. My desk is in front of the window which overlooks our front garden which is lovely when the sun is shining and we have blue skies but not so inspiring when it’s dull and raining!! On my desk we have my laptop, selection of pens and cutting mat, the window sill houses my printers. The table next to my desk has a set of drawers which contain my scissors, craft knives, adhesives, etc – all of the essentials… also on this table is my Cricut Expression all set up and raring to go. Next to my desk and table I have a set of plastic drawers which hold my Sizzix dies and all sorts of other things which either don’t fit anywhere else, and on top of those is my Xyron Personal Cutting Machine.


Next to this we have a folding picnic table which we use in the craft room for any ‘work in progress’ so we don’t have to keep putting half finished projects away to bring them back out, etc… this table also comes with us to craft fairs to give us a workable surface behind our stall.


In the corner of the room we have a six shelf bookcase which houses soooo much stuff that it was all becoming a bit of a nightmare to find anything so I set about getting lots of storage boxes and labels, and it’s all looking much more organised now. We have a selection of CD storage boxes, photo storage boxes, A4 plastic boxes, plastic business card boxes and peel-off storage boxes. Each box is individually labelled which makes finding what I need much easier and in turn means that things get used more often as there is less hunting to find them!!


Our latest storage addition is two sets of plastic storage drawers from Wilkinson’s… each set has six drawers which hold a fair bit more than you would expect. The first set has all of our rubber stamps, single layer of stamps in each drawer which again makes finding the one I want much easier. The second set has all of my card toppers, verses, die cuts and other miscellaneous bits in – each drawer is labelled accordingly. We also have a set of three drawers which holds all of our cardstock and punches. The three sets of drawers are on a work bench which also houses our Sizzix Bigshot, Texture Boutique and Sidekick so everything is easy to access.


At the other side of the room (the hidden part lol) we have a selection of storage boxes which contain all completed stock currently available on our website, Misi store and at craft fairs… there are also our Papermania storage totes where we store our Crop-a-dile and Big Bite as well as all craft fair essentials.

Everything certainly seems more workable and now it’s all organised it makes coming into the craft room to create much more appealing as I now know that I don’t have to rake through boxes to find what I need!!



One comment

  1. That looks so organised and tidy! No way I am posting pics of my craft room LOL! It does inspire me, however, to try to organise mine (maybe then I will take a photo!

    Ali x

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