Featured Crafter: Wood Tattoos

Today’s featured crafter is Si, read on to hear what he does, where it all started and what he hopes to achieve in the future.

If you hover over each company name, it is ‘clickable’ which will take you directly to their website.


1. Who are you and what is the name of your business?

I’m Simon Easton and my business is called Wood Tattoos.

2. What is your craft and how did you first become involved/interested in crafting?

I decorate wooden gifts using the art of pyrography. I’ve always studied creative subjects from an early age and graduated with a degree in Three-Dimensional Design from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2000. I started doing pyrography in 2007 and a hobby quickly turned into a more serious project!


3. Where do you find your inspiration for your work?

I’ve always enjoyed decorating surfaces and I’m fascinated by both texture and pattern, whether manmade or completely natural and accidental.

4. What made/inspired you to start your crafts business? What did you do before?

I joined the UK Crafts Forum in 2007 to get advice on how to sell my designs. Since joining, my business has really developed due to the support and advice of fellow crafters. I enjoy creating in my spare time to give me a break from the day job!


5. Can your customers have something personal created by you? Or are your items “stock only”?

The majority of my designs are created as commissions for customers. I enjoy working with people to create something that is special and unique to them. I do have a range of stock items but they can also be personalised on request.

6. Do you have a favourite item/range out of all your crafted items?

I love working on small items such as keyrings and the like, but I really enjoy creating the larger commissions such as chessboards, picture frames and plates.


7. Where/how do you sell your items? Do you have a website/blog where we can see your work?

I sell through my website at >Wood Tattoos< and my work can also be seen at >Facebook< or >Flickr<.

8. If you could change one thing about your crafts business, what would it be?

I’d try and create a 37-hour day so I had enough time for all the projects that bounce around inside my head.


9. What are your plans for your future within the crafting world?

I’m looking forward to the release of my book on pyrography, “Woodturning with Style”, which is published by Fox Chapel in mid-2010. It’s been a real labour of love and the finished product looks stunning. I can’t wait to hold a copy in my hands, or see it in a bookshop. I also have some other projects in the pipeline… watch this space!



Thank you Si for taking the time to join us in our Featured Crafter section and may we wish you all the best with the release of your new book and also your future in pyrography. So exciting to say we are friends with a published author… don’t forget us mere mortals when you ‘make it big’!! 😉



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