Featured Crafter: Angelic Folk

Today’s featured crafter is Karen, read on to hear what she does, where it all started and what she hopes to achieve in the future.

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1. Who are you and what is the name of your business?

Karen Melville – Angelic Folk

2. What is your craft and how did you first become involved/interested in crafting?

I love making anything where textiles and sewing are involved. When I was a little girls I used to spend my holidays with my great grandmother who had been in service for most of her life. She taught me so many skills, to my eternal shame I have forgotten some them such as the beautiful drawn thread work she used to do but some things have stayed with me and my current passion is for making childrens clothing and accessories.


3. Where do you find your inspiration for your work?

My children are a great source of inspiration to me I think about the things they would like to wear and what I think would look good on them and work from there. Fabrics can be another great source of inspiration I can sometimes find a fabric and immediately just know exactly what to make with it.

4. What made/inspired you to start your crafts business? What did you do before?

My oldest son is autistic and I wanted to find a way of making money for the National Autistic Society, as a full time carer to him and with two other children to take care of finding a job to fit into that senario and also find time to fundraise is difficult. So I started Angelic Folk and donated 20% of my annual profit the remaining money is put back into the company for buying fabrics (yay!!!) and equipment.


5. Can your customers have something personal created by you? Or are your items “stock only”?

I do hold lots of lovely stock items, however, I am very happy to work with a customer to make a piece which is totally unique to their little angel.

6. Do you have a favourite item/range out of all your crafted items?

This was one of those ‘ I found the fabric and just knew what to make with it’ moments! I found some fantastic fabrics with little kawaii cows it was so sweet so I teamed it with some red and white polka dot fabric and made a gilet from it I absolutely love it 🙂


7. Where/how do you sell your items? Do you have a website/blog where we can see your work?

I do have my own website which is woefully out of date it will be having a revamp over the next couple of months as I have some exciting new ideas the address is Angelic Folk Website.

I also have an etsy store which is definitely the most up to date >Angelic Folk on Etsy<

I have a misi store which is >Angelic Folk on Misi<

8. If you could change one thing about your crafts business, what would it be?

The price of fabrics in this country is shocking!!

9. What are your plans for your future within the crafting world?

I really need to work on my branding but I have some great new ideas and plan to put them into action in the early part of this year so keep checking back on me 🙂


Karen has become not only a loyal customer to Cards And Candles For All Occasions, but also a very valued friend and we would like to thank her for her time and taking part in our Featured Crafter article and wish her all the very best for the continued success of her business.

Laura & Gordon xxx



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