Featured Crafter: Prem2Pram

Today will see the first of our “featured crafter” interviews… the aim of this is to showcase fellow crafters work and give you an insight into what they do and where you can see their wonderful creations, there will be other crafters coming soon but for today we are starting with Sue Edmondson.

If you hover over each company name, it is ‘clickable’ which will take you directly to their website.


1. Who are you and what is the name of your business?

My name is Sue Edmondson my business name is Prem2Pram.

2. What is your craft and how did you first become involved/interested in crafting?

I design and make premature baby clothes, when my grandson Lucas was born prematurely in June 2009 I had great difficulty finding clothes to fit, so I decided to design and make some for him. I made Lucas a little hat with his birth weight on and a babygro, which I personalised with his name.


3. Where do you find your inspiration for your work?

Many of the designs I come up with are as a direct result of input from various neonatal intensive care unit staff. I visited several Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and asked them what type of clothing would make the babies in their care more comfortable and easier to dress and change. The common response that was repeated by the various staff “because premature babies can have a variety of medical problems associated with being born prematurely medical intervention is required to keep them alive and therefore any clothing needs to allow easy access for the connection of IV’s, fingertip pulse oximeters, ventilators, nasal CPAP’s, temperature probes, gastric tubes etc”.


4. What made/inspired you to start your crafts business? What did you do before?

As I mentioned previously my grandson was born prematurely, my two daughters Kerry and Sky were also premature babies and I remember how difficult it was to find clothes that not only fit but were also practical. I began making beanie hats, sleepsuits and even blankets with my grandsons name and with the names of friend’s babies. I was overwhelmed by the response of others, tears of plenty as the recipients explained how touched they were with the gifts and how wonderful it was to see their baby’s in clothes that fitted properly and the embroidery gave the garments a more personalised touch. It was never my intention to start a business, however as I received so many requests for my personalised premature baby clothes I realised there was a gap in the market that I was able to fill, thus from these few basic ideas Prem2Pram was born.

Before Prem2Pram came into existence I was a housewife on incapacity benefit, I was unable to work a regular 9 – 5 job as I suffer from Osteoarthritis and Carpal Tunnel syndrome which means I’m on medication to help control the pain and I often have to wear wrist braces which help reduce the risk of the carpal tunnel flaring up quite so often. There are very few employers who are able or even willing to accommodate someone who can not guarantee to work 40 hours a week so I was eventually put on incapacity benefit or as I would often comment I was put out to pasture.

5. Can your customers have something personal created by you? Or are your items “stock only”?

Prem2Pram offers a wide choice of premature baby clothes and accessories, many of these garments can be personalised with the baby’s name and, one of our most popular lines is a soft fleece pram blanket, which can also be personalised.


6. Do you have a favourite item/range out of all your crafted items?

Oh yes I do have a favourite item, it’s the guardian angel premature baby gift set, I just love the idea that each baby can have their very own guardian angel to watch over and protect them. The set comprises of a sleepsuit which is embroidered with an angel carrying a wishing star, the angel embroidery design is by Sarah of Embroidery designs 4u a fellow crafter: Embroidery Designs 4 U website


7. Where/how do you sell your items? Do you have a website/blog where we can see your work?

Prem2Pram’s clothing range can be purchased via my website and from various craft and gift fayres.

You’ll find these listed on my blog under Craft Fayres.

You will also find extra pictures and sneak previews of new lines on my blog.

8. If you could change one thing about your crafts business, what would it be?

I guess the only thing I would change if it were possible would be to source locally produced fabric, however as the UK don’t grow cotton and are never likely to that’s not going to happen, so I try to compromise by sourcing ethically produced fabrics.

9. What are your plans for your future within the crafting world?

To date I have donated various items of premature clothing to the Neonatal Intensive Care Units of Wigan Infirmary, Ormskirk District General and Poole General via Carlisa Crafts another fellow crafter who runs CarLisaCrafts in the future I would love to be in a position where by I can afford to donate to even more items for Neonatal Intensive Care Units around the country.

Anyone interested in the type of clothing we have donated to the various Neonatal Intensive Care Units will find photographs of our sleeping angel blankets as well as an up to date list on our donated page: ‘Donated Items’.


Thank you Sue for taking the time to take part in our Featured Crafter article and for your very personal and infornative replies 🙂


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