One A Week Challenge

As we all know, the lead up to Christmas is a time of chaos and not enough hours in the day… lots to get done, lots of cards and pressies to make, as well as the stock for craft fairs and our website, customer orders not to mention advertising, attending events, socialising with friends and family and of course, the general everyday tasks such as housework and grocery shopping!!

With this in mind, myself and another few crafters have decided to set ourselves a “2010 One A Week” challenge… basically we will endeavour to make at least one Christmas item for our stock every week of the year. Admittedly, there are only approx 45 weeks until we need to have our stock levels at their fullest so as the year goes on we’ll definitely need to increase our productivity but fingers crossed that this challenge will give us the festive kick start that we need!!

As today is ow the 29th January and we have only just ‘signed up’ to this challenge, I’ve had a productive day and have made four Christmas cards to make up for the rest of January where I hadn’t made any, so here they are:

to you both at christmas
lovely friends at christmas
tatty teddy at christmas

We will be aiming to regularly update our blog with our Christmas makes throughout the year 🙂



  1. Ooh what a good idea! I’m very tempted to join you but may have to start in March as I’m still really busy making cold weather related fleece garments and will be for at least another month.

    • HI Sarah,

      I’m not surprised that you are so busy with your fleece garments… this UK weather must be keeping you busy lol.

      I’ve just been browsing your website and it looks great, I especially like the idea of the wrist warmers… suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome I tend to find it’s at it’s worst in the cold weather.

      I’ve bookmarked your site and will hopefully be there shopping soon.

      Sarah’s Fleeces

      Laura xxx

      • Hey thanks for this Laura – I didn’t realise that carpal tunnel syndrome could be worse in the cold. If you buy a pair maybe I could add your feedback to the site? You could do some research for me 🙂

        bfn Sarah

      • I’m not sure if it’s been medically proven that the weather has any effect on CTS but I notice it gets considerably worse in the cold and when there’s a damp atmosphere.

        When I’ve got the money available then I’ll definitely buy a pair and do a review for you… it’d be my pleasure 🙂


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