New Product Line

So far this year has mainly been about crafty shopping, tidying up and getting organised, so I thought perhaps it was time we started creating as before we know it the Craft Fair season will be underway so we need to get into action.

As a crafty couple, we are never really happy with having just one craft on the go at a time… between us we handcraft keepsake cards, greetings cards, writing sets and notebooks, bookmarks, crochet blankets and a range of candles. You’d think that would be enough variety, right? Nope!!

Just before Christmas, Gord and I were talking about what we could do to expand our ranges… we had lots of ideas and there are lots of things we’d like to look into further but the latest addition to our range is dreamcatchers.


…good dreams slip through the web and into the sleeper during the night

…bad dreams become caught in the web and are perished by morning light

Both of us have strong spiritual beliefs and have dreamcatchers throughout our house, both for the spiritual connections they have and as we like their decorative nature so when Gord said he’d like to try handcrafting these it seemed like the natural ‘next step’ – lots of research, practising and sourcing of good quality materials has taken a few weeks but his first dreamcatcher for sale is currently listed on our MISI Webstore.

This dreamcatcher is packaged with a sheet of A4 card which will give you an idea of size. We will be expanding our range of these, in various colour schemes so if you have a specific ‘favourite colour’ or colour scheme in your home you would like us to match then please email us and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.


Useful Link: What Is A Dreamcatcher?



  1. Very nice idea. I love dreamcatchers. I wanted to make one for my sister today, but somehow got stuck on the way.
    Good luck with the new range 🙂

  2. Nice idea. Dreamcatchers are very awesome. My mother in particular has always liked red Indians, so we’ve had D.Catchers around at times. Hang one above/over your bed 🙂

    I don’t have any problems with this though, as I never remember any dreams/nightmares. Never have, probably never will, lol.

  3. Very nice! Gord has a real talent there…it looks very natural looking, which is how a dreamcatcher should look (unlike the synthetic looking ones you see in the shops).

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