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My name’s Laura and I’m a Sizzix addict 😉

As many crafters will know, once you buy a Sizzix BigShot or Sizzix Sidekick then it’s an addiction… you just have to keep on buying more and more cutting dies, something catches your eye and you ‘have’ to have it… you might not know when you’ll use it, but that doesn’t matter. What if I do need it and haven’t got it?

Well, today I’ve decided to make a list of all of my Sizzix dies, I’ve so many I’ve had to separate my blog posts otherwise they’d have been ridiculously long!

Here is a list of the relevant blog posts if you’d like to see which machines, cutting dies and embossing folders I have:

>Sizzix Sizzlits<

>Sizzix Medium Sizzlits<

>Sizzix Originals and Thick Cuts<

>Embossing Folders<

>Sizzix 35-die Alphabet Sets<

>Sizzix Machines<

Surprisingly enough, even though I have so many dies and embossing folders, I have no duplicates – I’m quite surprised with that lol.

May I should start selling the die cuts to other crafters? What do you think?

Is anyone else as addicted to Sizzix as I am?

Well, time to go shopping… then come home and play with my BigShot I think!!!

Love Laura xxx


One comment

  1. OMG You are certainly a Sizzix addict. I have never used one but I can certainly see how it could become very addictive.

    Selling the die cuts sounds like a very good idea!

    Take care and happy Sizzixing

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