My Favourite Bookatrix

I have been making bookatrix keepsake cards using the Glitter Girls embossing boards for around two and a half years and over this time have created many many designs. Tonight I have put together a selection of my “favourite” cards for you to see:

My very first bookatrix was made shortly after my Mum passed away, she always encouraged my crafting and fill me with praise and confidence and I knew that I had to create something special, a personal tribute to the woman who made me the person I am today, here is what I made:

mum tribute memory keepsake memorial bookatrix

When a close family friend passed away in 2008, I made this keepsake for his wife… a sympathy card to mark the loss of a wonderful gentleman with a passion for life who had sadly suffered with illness for some time, however never lost his “fight” and still enjoyed his involvement with dog shows, Kennel Club activities and socialising with friends:

gentleman friend husband tribute memory keepsake memorial bookatrix

Over the last few years I have also made several New Baby cards, my two favourites being:

congratulations new baby boy parents love keepsake bookatrix

congratulations new baby girl parents love keepsake bookatrix

I was recently commissioned to create a keepsake wedding card, the bride was wearing ivory, bridesmaids were in red and the groom was wearing a black kilt, here is my design:

wedding love couple congratulations memory keepsake bookatrix

And here is an example of a bookatrix keepsake created for a friend’s Civil Partnership:

civil partnership ceremony love wedding keepsake bookatrix

This ‘thinking of you’ card was designed for a very special friend, and fellow crafter when she was seriously ill in hospital… sadly we could not get to visit Karen during her time in hospital but she has since told us how this card lifted her spirits at that difficult time. Karen Saunders is someone I take great inspiration from – both in crafting and all aspects of life. Here is the card made specially for a very special lady:

thinking of you special friend love keepsake bookatrix

And lastly, a selection of my favourite birthday bookatrix creations:

birthday bookatrix keepsake

birthday bookatrix keepsake

birthday bookatrix keepsake

birthday bookatrix keepsake

birthday bookatrix keepsake

This is a selection of my favourites… I’d love to hear your views and comments đŸ™‚

I also have a range of other Glitter Girls embossing boards, so watch out for new creations soon!!

If you would like to talk to us about any of our displayed bookatrix cards or would like to discuss having a keepsake card design for your own requirements, please email me at

Laura xxx



  1. Hi Laura,

    I just adore your cards and I am interested to know where I can buy the egg shaped inserts that look like half faberge eggs. I have searched and serached to find a supplier. I don’t even know what to type into a search engine to find a supplier.

    Many thanks

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