Qype: Premature Baby Clothes – Prem2Pram in Up Holland, Lancashire

Up Holland, LancashireChildrenChildren & Baby Fashion

Prem2Pram offer a fantastic selection of well made, high quality and totally unique clothing and accessories for tiny babies… something which a lot of people struggle to find fore premature infants.

With regards to your “Premature Babies Burial Gowns” – having experience of such a dreadful and upsetting situation, I have full respect for you in dealing with such a heartbreaking subject. Your work is superb and any parent would be proud to lay their baby in one of your items of clothing for his/her final sleep.

The craftsmanship and research which goes into each design is phenomenal and I wish Prem2Pram huge success and thank you on behalf of parents and families of premature babies across the country for putting so much time, love and thought into such wonderful items.

Laura Jane Quick

Check out my review of Premature Baby Clothes – Prem2Pram – I am Eljay1980 – on Qype


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