We’ve done it… We’re organised!!

Since the pre-Christmas crafting rush I have been promising to sort out our craft room and get some sort of organisation but until now I have found several reasons and excuses not to, since last night I’ve been working on sorting everything out and getting some organisation into my workspace, so finally this morning we are in a state of organisation and knowing where things are!!

First time for everything I hear you all say… you want to see the proof? Ok, well here it is…

Organised Craft Room Space Tidy

Organised Craft Room Space Tidy

Organised Craft Room Space Tidy

And I’m soooo proud of the organisation on our shelf space… all sorted out, tidy and organised with everything in it’s own little storage boxes and the majority of them labelled, the rest will be labelled once I have been to the stationers:

Organised Craft Shelves Tidy Boxes Labels

After our big Sizzix order last week, we’ve also got all of that organised and tidy too… everything visible and easily accessible:

Organised Craft Shelves Sizzix Tidy Boxes Labels

So here it is, tidy and organised, everything with a place of it’s own and easily accessible for our next crafting session. How long will it stay like this, that is the question!! Lol.

Laura xxx



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