Wordless Wednesday – Commissioned Keepsake Birthday Card



4 comments on “Wordless Wednesday – Commissioned Keepsake Birthday Card

  1. Christine says:

    Wow this is gorgous, I make lots of bookatrix using paper flowers.

    • eljay1980 says:

      Thank you Christine.

      I make a lot of cards, mainly “normal” cards for craft fairs as they are more within proice range for a general birthday but I simply adore bookatrix and most “special occasion” commissions are these.

      It’s really great to hear positive feedback from fellow crafters.

      Thank you!!

      Laura xxx

      • Christine says:

        Hi Laura,

        Would you mind if I use this picture to put with your link on my blog, as it would make your link stand out better, it looks a bit lonley lol. Unless you have something else that you would like me to use, its just that i tend to make a lot of bookatrix so it would compliment what I do most of.


      • eljay1980 says:

        Aww, that would be really kind of you Christine thank you.

        Of course you can use this photo – it’s one of my favourites!!

        Laura xxx

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