The weather outside is…


Here we are, Monday 21st December 2009 and I am soooo disorganised lol.

We had a snowfall here in Stoke on Trent last Thursday and everywhere is still white as it has been so cold that it hasn’t had a chance to thaw!! We’ve had the occasional flurry of snow since then but nothing worth talking about really lol. But outside is like a skating rink, so I hope everyone stays safe and careful if they venture outdoors.

Cards and Candles For All Occasions are having a short break over the festive season as we have soooooo much to do to prepare for Christmas and visitting family and friends but we will be back with our online store re-opened and updated on Monday 4th January 2010.

I’m starting the week with the big craftroom clearout and tidy up, simply because we need to use my room for storage over the holidays to make space for our visitors, so it’s tidy tidy tidy today then move things in here so it looks like a bombsite again, then I can start on the rest of the house.

Also on our “to do” list for this week is some homemade shortbread, mince pies, muffins and peppermint creams then the preparation and shopping for Christmas dinner… we’re staying at home on Christmas day and have my father in law joining us, so a nice quiet family day.

Either today or tomorrow we also need to go into town to do the last of the Christmas present shopping… not a task I’m looking forward to, but we know what we’re buying and from which shops so hopefully it shouldn’t be too traumatic!! lol.

I found a lovely website which I thought would be great for the kiddies as Christmas approaches… though I’m sure the grown ups will love it too, have a look and see what you think:

Portable North Pole >Click Here<


Off now to email the wonderful Susan McKeen to let her know our wonderful parcel arrived bright and early this morning, a lovely box full of homemade fruit cake and empire biscuits… yum yum!! Thank you Susan!! Can’t wait to taste them… being good just now though, waiting til we’ve been shopping and can sit and relax with a cuppa.

Well, lots to do… tidying, cleaning, more decorations, baking, shopping, packing for our trip to Scotland on 28th December and catching up with friends – all with only three and a half days to go until Santa arrives so I best log off for now and go get busy!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas enjoying snuggly catch up time with family and friends, and best wishes for 2010, hope the New Year brings you all you wish for.

Lots of love, Laura, Gordon and our angel babies xxx



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