Christmas gifts from me to you

This past week we have been busy working on Christmas gifts for our wonderful friends and family who we have decided to make up gift baskets full of handmade goodies this year.

The first to be finished and wrapped is for Laura’s Gran, it consists of:

A handcrochet blanket
A lavender fragrance sachet
A selection of greeting cards
Snowman Soup
Small selection of sweets
Amethyst brooch



Next to be complete is a Baby’s 1st Christmas box for Sammy Joe, this consists of:

A hand embroidered matinee jacket from >Carolee Crafts<.
A sachet of reindeer food
A Baby’s 1st Christmas stocking
A personalised bib and baby spoon “lollipop” >Prem 2 Pram<.



Hope you enjoyed viewing our Christmas gifts… there will be lots more added soon, but for now we’re working on stock for our forthcoming craft fairs and our customer commissions 🙂

Don’t forget – it’s only 46 days until Christmas!!!


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