Crafty Sunday

Over the last few days there hasn’t been a great deal of crafting going on… with one thing and another there always seems to be something else taking up my time, so this morning I came into the craft room and closed myself away with some music in the background and my crafty bits taking over every available surface.

I decided that it was time to see what new keepsake type cards I could come up with, only this time without using any embossing boards or premade templates, today was about lots of measuring, drawing and cutting. I knew what I wanted the end product to look like and the first attempt wasn’t too bad, although I saw quite a few areas that needed improving. So I set about making another on the same basis… much improved, but still I wasn’t quite happy with it.

Was it third time lucky? Well I think so… after spending six hours at my desk, lots of measuring, scoring, cutting, gluing, taking apart and redoing, and the third ‘new design’ of it’s kind I have made something that I am happy with:

To make this handbag keepsake, I used three sheets of A4 cardstock, all the same design which is white with a grey-ish silver floral pattern. After I’d cut all of the pieces to size, I stuck it all together and added an eyelet to the ‘flap’ and a floral ribbon embellishment together with a “Birthday Greetings” sentiment. Then I added a matching gift tag which is attached to the handbag handle with white ribbon.

This design could be altered for any occasion and colour scheme and I hope to make a few more for our forthcomingn craft fairs… what do you think?



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