A Busy Few Days

Our online shop has been somewhat neglected lately as we have been concentrating on our blog, website and craft fairs but in this big world full of opportunities we really need to maximise our available opportunities and use as may avenues as possible.

Tonight has been spent updating our Misi webstore with a selection of our cards and candles which are available for sale… to view our shop >Click Here< and you’ll be taken straight there.

Also tonight I have been working on a selection of exploding boxes and have added the first two to our website which you can see >HERE< so all in all it’s been a relatively productive couple of days.

Orders – up to date

Website – revamped (Website)

Facebook page – updated (Facebook)

MISI shop – revamped (MISI)

Christmas stock – making progress

I have also ordered the first of our Christmas presents from the lovely Caroline of Carolee Crafts… this beautiful embroidered matinee jacket in blue – I just couldn’t resist this for a very special little boy!!!

Sammy Joe - Matinee Jacket

So all in all, we can’t really complain. We still have lots to do for the festive season but it now feels like we are making steady progress instead of being bogged down and not knowing where to start.

Well, I think I’m going to call it a night now and go and snuggle up with my hubby and some yummy homemade apple crumble and custard… yum!!!



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