Tuesday 14th July 2009

Good evening all,

I’ve got quite a bit to chat about tonight, but I’d like to start with the biggest and most important thing which is a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Sue aka HappyBunny on the Crafts Forum who has sent me a piece of her work which arrived this morning.

Sue has recently started drawing on parchment paper and asked for ‘volunteers’ to send her photographs of children within their familes for her to draw to give her some practise and the quality of her work is fantastic!!

Sue has copied a photograph of my little cousins, Callum and Nicola… a photograph which was taken when they were visitting the UK in summer 2008, this is even more special as they live in New Zealand so we don’t get to see them very often.


Not only is the quality of Sue’s work fantastic, the finished drawing is simply stunning and the presentation is beautiful… Sue really does have a great talent and I wish her all the luck in the world with pursuing this.

More of Sue’s work can be seen “HERE”

Thank you so much Sue… you are a star and I cannot thank you enough!!!


Today has also seen the addition of another date in our crafty diary, this time a Garden Party which is being held at Smithills Hall in Bolton.

This event is taking place on Monday 31st August 2009 and will run from 12:00non until 5:00pm.

smithills hall

Gordon is already planning to go ghost hunting while we are there and we will definitely be taking our camera along to make the most of our visit to this beautiful place.

You can read about Smithills Hall “HERE”


Also today I have been busy sorting out some ideas and numbers for Christmas… we now know how many Christmas keepsake and greetings cards we need for our own use, so need to get those sorted out so that we can then make a start on the cards for our craft fairs, website and MISI shop as well as any other sales and orders.

I have made a start on bookmarks which will be taken along to craft fairs… just simple printed images and verses which I’ve laminated… not bad to sell at 50p each or something like that, a little something to appeal to the kiddies or as stocking fillers perhaps?

At the moment I am in the process of working on a range of bookmarks including: cats, dogs, fairies, friendship verses and assorted childrens interest. Hopefully there will be something there to appeal to most people.


At the moment we are awaiting delivery of an egg shell order so as soon as that arrives from Ann at Ann’s Egg Craft then you will see the addition of lots of new keepsake cards designs.

We have recently sourced lots of new decoupage designs too, both Christmas designs and designs suitable for lots of other occasions so we’re going to be working on those too, so hopefully this next couple of weeks will see the addition of lots of new ideas and cards 🙂


We are in the process of trying to source some new candle moulds in specific sizes to enable Gordon to work on some new ideas that he has, unfortunately we are waiting for our suppliers and potential suppliers to get back to us with regards to the availability of those we are looking for… I guess these things take time… but how much time are we expected to allow?

There will also be some new candle designs added soon… just as soon as Gordon gets the time, moulds and motivation that he needs.


We have decided in the last couple of years to send as many handmade/handcrafted Christmas gifts as possible but after browsing Ebay earlier today, I have decided to make one exception when I came across this listing *Calendar* – normally I wouldn’t buy calendars or such like as I prefer the personal touch but this time I couldn’t not buy one.

Julie and a group of friends have taken the decision to model for, have printed and sell a “Girls That Dare To Bare” calendar in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support, all proceeds from the calendar together with proceeds from other charity events which Julie is running will go directly to MacMillan.

macmillan logo

Both Gordon and I have personal experience of the wonderful work that the MacMillan Nurses do and anyone who can organise something as huge as this in support of them has our utmost respect. We support our local MacMillan nurses through handcrafted card donations for sale at their events.

To show your support to this wonderful team of nurses or see what MacMillan events are happening in your area then please visit their website, where you can also make donations online… “MacMillan Website”.


Tonight’s last piece of news is that I have decided to join a “Stampers 6 Club” which is being organised by Stampin’ Up! demonstrator Jan Jackman, also known as Autumn Faerie on the Crafts Forum… Stampin’ Up’s products can be viewed on their website “Stampin’ Up!”.

The purpose of this club is to offer crafters the chance to spread the cost of purchasing some of the Stampin’ Up! range while benefitting from hostess offers. Many demonstrators offer this service though I would highly Jan, who can be contacted through her website.

The Stampers 6 club isn’t starting until the beginning of August so hopefully in the next few months I’ll be able to start trying out some new ideas and designs using these stamps, etc and then show you some new creations which will be quite different to my current designs… I can’t wait!!!


Well, I think that’s enough of my ramblings for one night so I’m off to write my ‘to do’ list for tomorrow and will speak to you all soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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