Birches Head Carnival

Saturday 11th July 2009 saw us at the Birches Head Carnival being held in the Bridge Centre, Stoke on Trent… we didn’t hold out much hope for this event as we hadn’t seen much in the way of advertising and the Bridge Centre hadn’t bothered to list the event on their website. Not a good start in our eyes!!

We got there to set up and were escorted to the ‘craft fair’ section which appeared to be at the back of the centre (away from the main events), ony to discover that in addition to ourselves with our greetings cards, keepsake cards and candles there were another THREE card stalls, luckily one of these didn’t turn up. So, the craft fair consisted of:

1 x Cards & Candles Stall (Us)
1 x Card Only Stall
1 x Cards & Notebooks Stall
1 x Teddies & Jewellery Stall
1 x Jewellery Stall
1 x Photography Stall
1 x Body Shop (!) Stall
1 x CD Stall (Cross Rhythms)

And one ‘free for all’ stall which would have been better suited to the carboot!! As well as Usborne books in a sideroom.

We were set up and ready to go, well over an hour before the event actually started… no idea why they wanted everything set up so early!!


Once the day got underway there were quite a few people wandering about but not many were actually bothering to ‘look’ at the craft stalls. We did make a few sales and covered our costs on the day.

We also got to see the lovely Claire of ‘Pawprints of Staffordshire’ and got to admire some of her beautiful teddies… I’m in love!! 🙂


We were very disappointed with this event and out of all the things which were advertised as being there, we saw very little evidence.

We saw no community or charity stalls, there was no sign of the fire engine or donkey rides. The Kingsley Bird of Prey Centre was there, though they were badly situated next to the main stage!! The mobile police station was there, with lots of PCSO’s and Police Officers wandering round the venue. And for the kiddies there was face painting, balloons, bouncy castles and other inflatables in the ‘kiddies corner’ though the burger va, ice cream and coffee shop all seemed to be missing – we heard several people complaining throughout the day that there was no where to get a drink!!!

Would we do this event again? Probably not!!

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