Welcome to July

Well, here we are on the 2nd of July and I haven’t posted for a little while so thought I would update you all with what’s been going on.

This last week or so has saw some gorgeous weather here in Staffordshire, so much so that it’s really been too hot to do much and my motivation has been lacking, but we are slowly getting used to the heat and I have quite a few crafty ideas going on at the moment so we’ll see how we get on with those.

We have had a commission orders for a keepsake card, which was a Birthday card with a “Ratpack” theme:


And the second special keepsake card I made this week was a Get Well Soon card for a special friend of ours, Karen, who has been very poorly in hospital and although now at home, has a long recovery road ahead of her, so our thoughts and prayers are with Karen and her family.


Sunday 28th June 2009 marked the tenth anniversary of my son, Jordan Alexander’s still birth so Gord and I had made the decision to have a quiet day on our own to reflect on things, so with being another lovely day we packed ourselves a picnic, sorted out the dogs and headed off to Barlaston Downs for a walk in the sunshine.

We had a lovely afternoon out walking, relaxing and just spending time taking in our surroundings and we got some lovely photographs:

Charlie & Sky

These are just a couple of our photos and hopefully I’ll be able to get some inspiration and ideas from these to do some watercolour painting… time will tell.

We have had a relatively quiet week so far, though today I decided that my craft room wasn’t very ‘workable’ so set about moving everything. Started off with moving the furniture around and then re-arranging all the shelves and drawers and organising things into sensible places… it looks quite tidy at the moment but I doubt that will last long!!


Now both of my Xyron’s, my BigShot and my guillotine are out and on my desk and workbench so they should now get more use as before they were in their boxes so I had to unpack them everytime I wanted to do anything… hopefully now they are out and ready to go then I’ll start to use them more!!

At the moment I am starting to think about crafty ideas for Christmas 2009… I need to make a start on our Christmas card range and I am beginning to look into handcrafted gifts for friends and family, it might seem a bit early but I need to try to be organised this year, after all it is only 175 days until Christmas!

This weekend will see hubby heading off to Silverstone for the Renault World Series so I’ll have Saturday to myself to start working on some new ideas, I may even do a little bit of painting or crocheting or drawing or cardmaking, or perhaps I’ll have a relaxing day or maybe try a bit of each? Time will tell 😉

Well, I’m off to relax by my fan for a little while then it’ll be off to bed so I’m awake bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning ready to see what crafty creations I can come up with!!


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