Craft Fair Essentials

As the craft fair season gets into full swing there are many crafter preparing for their first event, while many more of us are looking for better ways to display our items, different methods of attracting customers and general ways to improve our stalls at these craft fairs.

With this in mind, I have compiled a list of *must have* items to take to craft fairs… these will not apply to every craft but they may give you an idea of the sort of things you need, as well as other items which will be beneficial to make your day that little bit easier.

* Stock *
Greetings Cards
Keepsake Cards
Gift Tags
Multi-pack of cards
Scented Candles
Unscented Candles
Decorated Candles
Wax Melts – for oil burners
Wax Scented Teddies


* Display *
Table covering (either table cloth or bed sheet)
Floor standing card display carousel
Table top wire card stands
Table top cardboard card stands
3-tier acrylic candle stands
Baskets for wax melts, bookmarks, seasonal cards


* Promotional *
Business cards and holder
Leaflets and holder
Banner/signs (and cable ties/string)
List of candle fragrances


* Everything Else *
Table (if not supplied by venue)
Chairs (if not supplied by venue)
Order Forms
Safety Pins
Money Tin
Change (5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £5)
Bags and packaging
Seasonal table decoration (eg. Christmas Tree)


* Refreshments *
Flask of tea or coffee
Canned/bottled cold drinks
Snack food


Also think it helps to take along some examples of ‘works in progress’ to work on at the event as potential customers like to see that you do genuinely make the items yourself, and also if you are working on a piece then people are more inclined to come over to your stall to see what you are doing and in turn, have a look at what you have displayed 🙂

Personally, I always take along some headache tablets, rescue remedy, tissues and baby wipes as these are things that always come in handy and you never know when or where you are likely to need them!! Oh and of course some elastoplasts!!

Clothing-wise I’d recommend dressing in layers, especially at outdoor events as you can be toasty warm while you are moving around setting up your stall but soon cool down when you are standing/sitting around waiting for customers but you don’t want to end up cooking all day either. I prefer to wear layers so that I can find a happy-medium between cooking and freezing lol, and I always take my fingerless gloves with me cos although I don’t like cold hands, I find normal gloves a nuisance to wear if I’m doing anything.


Hopefully this post will help us all to be a bit more organised at craft fairs and if I think of anything else to add to the list then I’ll certainly let you all know!!

Thanks for reading, Laura xxx


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