1st Stockton Brook Brownies Craft Fair

Here we are the last day of May already and we have got absolutely glorious sunshine and it’s been red hot outside all day… it’s just after 8pm and the heat is only just getting to a bearable temperature in the garden!!! Lovely… long may this summer weather continue 🙂

Today we had our second craft fair of the year at Stockton Brook Scout & Guide HQ at Moss Hill, Stoke on Trent… this was a fundraising event organised by 1st Stockton Brook Brownies, with most of the organising by Claire Keen – thank you Claire for organising this excellent day!!

The event was open from 10am til 4pm and although we were there for six hours, there weren’t really a great deal of customers in that time… I think someone averaged it out to about seventeen customers an hour – it definitely looks like everyone was spending the day outside enjoying the sun, whether at home sunbathing or sat in a beer garden somewhere, every beer garden/pub that we passed on the way home way packed!! Not that I can blame people, being the UK we never know when we’ll get any sunshine or how long it’s going to last!!

Although there wasn’t a huge number of customers at today’s craft fair we had a really nice day, we sold enough to cover our table costs with a bit on top and Gordon enjoyed lying on the grass outside the hall sunbathing all day!! lol… It was also great to meet up with some people from the Crafts Forum… Jan aka Autumn Faerie of Jan’s Cards & Crafts, Phoebe of Enchanted Doorways, Lorraine of Baby Cake Gifts and of course the lovely Claire aka Erial of Paw Prints. We also got the chance to meet up with a Facebook friend… Lisa of Lisa Carr Bead Lady.

It might not have been a day with the biggest of takings but it was a lovely day full of lovely people and I would definitely attend future craft fairs held at this venue or organised by Claire… it was well organised, well laid out, signposted from the main road (which made it easy to find!) and a really friendly and welcoming atmosphere AND the hall was really cool and comfortable compared with the heat outside which really helped.

All in all, the first of 1st Stockton Brook Brownies Craft Fairs definitely gets the thumbs up from me!!


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