Stafford County Show and Craft Fair

Good morning all, thought I’d share a bit about our day out yesterday… Gord and I took our nieces to Stafford County show as we were given a family ticket on Tuesday night and it was something different for all of us.

The day started off quite dull and overcast so we all wrapped up and set off anyway, not intending to let the weather stand in the way of enjoying ourselves!! It took us about twenty minutes to get there in the car and surprisingly, we got a parking space woth no problems at all.

The county show was great and we all really enjoyed it… there were tractors, cars, fire engine, steam trains and a small train ride, alpacas, cows, goats and sheep.


Lots and lots of trade stands selling all kinds of merchandise from model tractors and kids toy tractors to saunas and hot tubs with just about everything you can imagine in between. There was also showjumping, the Devil’s Horsemen and the White Helmets Motorcycle display team.


They had a dog show being held too which both Gord and I took great interest in as this was something that my mum attended for many years so we enjoyed walking round and having a nosey at the standard of dogs being shown at the event.

They had an area of woodland where there were people demonstrating ‘crafts from nature’ including chainsaw carvings, making broomsticks from birch branches, basket weaving and loads more… we all found this part really interesting and could have spent much longer watching these amazing people at work.

Bear Carving

There was also a couple of marquees with small animals on display such as ferrets and falcons as well as a marquee with animals for sale which included ducklings, chickens, quails, piglets, rabbits, guinea pigs and sheep – probably more that I’ve forgotten!! Needless to say the girls (and Gordon) wanted to bring home one of each!!


The Creative Crafts Association were using one of the showground buildings for their ‘craft fair’ so it goes without saying that we just had to go in for a look around… we had considered booking a stall at this event but the booking fee put us off. Having now had a look around one of CCA’s events then it’s safe to say that this is not the kind of craft fair that either Gordon or I would be interested in exhibiting at… there was very little in the way of handcrafted items on display, although what we did see was someone selling books and hand puppets (possibly Usborne books?), a gentleman selling spectacle cleaning solution, a tarot reader, a couple of stalls selling sweets and toiletries, Phoenix cards and a few other ‘non crafts’ that I can’t think of… yes there were some handcrafted goods, but a small minority – there was a lady selling lovely carved wooden mirrors and a few jewellery stalls but to be honest those were the only ones who stood out as not bieng mass produced. Personally I would class it as a Gift Fair, definitely not a Craft Fair. I think that it’s safe to say that both Gordon and I were pretty disappointed with Creative Craft Associations part in the event.

All in all, we had a really lovely day – especially when the sun came out and it got VERY warm, I’m looking a little flushed today so I’d definitely say I caught the sun on my cheeks and nose lol… not very attractive!! The girls both enjoyed themselves, and Gord and I enjoyed the walk around and being able to just chill and not worry about everything else that’s going on.


It was a long day though and by the time we took Caitlin and Kayleigh home, and then got home ourselves, sorted the animals, etc we were asleep in bed by 9:30pm – I even missed the Britains Got Talent results!! Never mind, I’ve looked it up on the internet this morning lol.

I think it’s safe to say that a good day was had by all!!!


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