New Craft Room

Good morning!! How are we all today?

Well here we are, Wednesday 27th May 2009 and supposedly in the midst of some decent weather yet I’m sitting here looking out at rain and wind!! Typical British weather.

The last few days here have flown by… bank holiday Monday saw the beginning of a clearout of our spare ‘bedroom’ and it was completely emptied, wallpaper stripped, bare floor and this is what we were left with…


It all looked very bare, cold and ininviting so Monday and yesterday were spent decorating… we started off by going round the walls with polyfiller to sort out the lovely dents/cracks, etc that we discovered when we ripped off the wallpaper, then up went a coat of white paint on the walls and ceiling, then once that had dried, the walls were painted warm terracotta… to be honest it looks more peachy now it’s on the walls but I like it!! After that hubby and I collapsed on the sofa on Monday night and that’s where we slept – partly cos we didn’t have the energy to more but more-so because everything out of the ‘spare’ room was piled up on our bed!!!

Tuesday morning we got up bright and early and spent the morning laying a nice terracotta carpet… remind me to pay someone else to do it for us next time. This is the first time either of us have attempted to lay a carpet and I think I speak for both of us when I say, I don’t fancy doing it again!!

Anyway, carpet laid and walls painted, the room was starting to look livable so our next task was to get everything organised. First into the room was our freezer (the only non-crafty thing in here!) then all of the rest of the furniture came in… my desk, workbench, bookcase, chest of drawers, small canvas drawers, storage boxes to go under my desk and workbench… oh the joys!! We had considered putting a sofa bed in here for visitors but there’s no space!!! lol.

Once all of the furniture was in place, we then had the lovely job of sorting out the laptops and printers and all of the cables… that took almost as long as sorting the furniture!! We got there though and my desk actually looks like a workable space now as it’s got one laptop on here and the other with the two printers is on the work bench – much better!! Oh and now I can sit at my laptop and look outside!! Fab!!

Eventually about ten o’clock last night, I settled down for the night after getting the place relatively organised… everything is back on the bookcase, my crafty bits are all away and I’ve even got somewhere to put my card display stands (used at craft fairs) so I can have my cards out and see at a glance what I’ve got or what I need. Much more organised now!!

Anyways, here are the ‘after’ piccies and how it looks this morning… how long it stays tidy for remains to be seen!!!


So as you can see, we’ve had a very busy bank holiday weekend and everything is finally coming together so now I’ve no excuse for not crafting now that I’ve got a full organised room to myself!!

We have been looking after a friends grandmothers dog for the last few weeks as she was ill, but we were asked at the weekend if we would keep him permanently due to changes in their circumstances so as well as all of the housey room changes this weekend, we’ve also got a permanent new addition to the house.

Here is Charlie making himself at home…


We have been told that he’s a four year old ‘spaniel cross’ but he acts like a very immature puppy and although he has had no training with his previous owner, he is responding to obedience training very quickly. He’s a fab dog though and our other two love him to pieces.



  1. Aww I love Charlie, he’s so adorable and I think he’s come into your life just at the right time!

    Your room looks fab too, well done on staying busy and looking forward to seeing you on Sunday

    Jan xxx

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