Sunday 24th May 2009

Good afternoon, how are we all today on this bright and sunny Sunday afternoon?

This last few weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions and I am finding that the best way to deal with how I’m feeling is to keep myself busy, so in the last couple of days I have been sorting out the house and working on building up our stocks of greetings cards for our forthcoming craft fairs.

I think that it’s safe to say that every room in our house has been taken over by craft supplies!! Our bedroom is my main ‘work area’ where I have my desk, a work bench, chest of drawers and a bookcase all of which are full… my desk and the work bench also have boxes piled underneath them and there’s a huge pile of boxes of hubby’s ‘stock’ candles in the corner. Oh and looking up, the window sill is slowly filling up with crafty bits too!!

Our spare room has the card display stands, folding table, etc that we use for craft fairs, as well as all of the packaging materials. Our livingroom tends to just be a dumping ground for whatever project either hubby or I are working on at the time, outwith our regular cards and candles. The kitchen has been taken over with hubby’s candle making supplies… there’s one cupboard full of wax, etc and then the top of the cupboard and the adjoining worktop are covered in storage boxes full of everything else. The hallway is where the parcels seem to get kept before we either go to the post office or craft fairs and there’s a shelf there where any parcels that have been delivered or bags when we’ve been crafty shopping are put. Even our bathroom has it’s fair share… when I’ve been painting, my paintbrushes are taken in there to be cleaned and usually end up being left in there to dry lol.

Between hubby and I, we do card making, candle making, acrylic and watercolour painting, sketching and drawing, latch hook rugs, cross stitch, Airfix and nitro models and have tried our hand at mosaicing. And hubby built a dolls house for our niece’s Christmas. I’ve also got a mini sewing machine and some fabric that I’d love to do something with but have yet to find the time.

On top of all that, I’ve got my dolls house which was hand built by my dad 20+ years ago which is sitting in our bedroom desperately waiting to be renovated!! Dad brought it down to our house (upon my request) when he visitted at Christmas as I was full of good intentions… I’ve been and bought the new carpet and exterior wallpapers to revamp it and I’ve already looked into where I can source new windows and ‘people’ but that’s as far as I’ve got – we’ll get there one day!!

Heaven help us if we ever have to move!!! lol.

Today I’m going to carry on working on some new ideas for our greetings cards and keepsake card ranges, and I also need to do a couple of keepsake card orders… one for Fathers Day and another for a wedding, as well as having a go at a wedding ‘post box’ for Gord’s cousins wedding in just under two weeks.

In the last week, I have been lucky enough to win not one, but TWO blog giveaways which have been hosted by lovely members of the Crafts Forum.

The first was a lovely pendant from Rach at Glam Glass… it’s a gorgeous cheeky monkey, and she also sent me a gorgeous fairy card. Thank you Rach!!!



The second was a gorgeous scarf from Jen of Flurogoddess… thank you ever so much!!!


And for the rest of the day, I think I’m going to carry on working on card designs and preparing for our craft fair at Stockton Brook Scout & Guide HQ at Moss Hill, Stoke on Trent on Sunday 31st May 2009… hopefully we’ll have lots of visitors (and lots of buyers) on the day and really get this years craft fairs off to a good start for us đŸ™‚


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  1. Hope you enjoying the nice weather and it’s good to hear that your buisness is going well đŸ˜€ XXX

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