Crafty News

Well, on the craft front it has been a relatively uneventful week… that was until a phone call from an upset customer!! A woman who had ordered two keepsake cards at our last craft fair in March who was very annoyed as they hadn’t arrived… that was until we explained that they were sent out by Royal Mail on 8th April!!

Thankfully the woman realises that we aren’t at fault and was happy for us to make up replacement cards and hand deliver them today as she lives within Stoke on Trent. Another satisfied Cards & Candles For All Occasions customer and someone else who isn’t impressed with Royal Mail’s lack of service!!

We’ve also provisionally booked a carft stall at a Midsummer Fair in Bolton on 20th and 21st June 2009… we’re just waiting for the information pack to arrive and also to see what the midwife says as I’m currently under orders to get lots of rest… I’m sure it’ll be fine though!! All going well, we’ll make the most of it and maybe even book ourselves a night in a hotel 🙂

In the process of working on our range of Christmas cards at the moment as well as expanding our other card ranges so that’s keeping us busy, as we also need to build up our stocks for our next craft fair on 31st May 2009 which is fundraising for 1st Stockton Brook Brownies so we’re looking forward to this too.

At the moment, I’ve got lots of crafty ideas but I just need the time and energy to do something with them lol… I’m sure we’ll get there though. Some days though, it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day… so many ideas yet so little time, and so many other things to be doing too!!


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