Too organised?

Here we are at 9:20pm on Friday night… 36 hours before our craft fair in Weston Coyney Village Hall, Stoke-on-Trent and I feel surprisingly calm, relaxed and organised which really isn’t like me at all… usually I’m rushing around ten minutes before I need to leave the house trying to get everything sorted out lol.

Boxed up are:

* Greetings cards
* Keepsake cards
* Candles
* Crochet Blankets
* Crochet Hats
* Card Making Kits

I have my ‘craft fair box’ which goes behind my cards stand and has a highlighter, pens, paperclips, safety pins, blue tack, sellotape, scissors and my calculator. Beside that I’ve got my notebook.

My table top card stands and floor standing carousel are ready just to be put in the car on Sunday morning and I’ve got my change sorted out for my money tin.

I’ve got my candle info sheets printed and in a folder beside the stand for those and my business cards are with their holder. I’ve got table cloths and my banner sorted.

Tables and chairs are being provided at the venue so we don’t need to worry about those.

Hmm… I feel far too organised… I’m sure I must have forgotten something… any ideas what???


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