The end of a week, the start of a month

Here we are on the evening of Sunday 1st March 2009, where have the last two months gone? This year has got off to a rather turbulent start but things are slowly starting to look up. We have a couple of big orders in at the moment for cards and candles which are keeping us really busy and on top of that we need to get making some stock for our first craft fair of the year on Sunday 29th March… four weeks today, so at the moment it’s all systems go-go-go!!

Healthwise, it has now been six weeks since my surgery so I’m slowly trying to introduce normal foods back into my daily routine and hopefully now I’ll be able to start getting some exercise too to shift those excess pounds but time will tell. My depression is relatively mediocre at the moment, highs and lows… trying to stay on a level pegging at the moment though to work through everything that we’ve got going on as I could really do without any kind of breakdown lol.

Craftwise there is quite a lot going on just now… I’ve been doing a lot more drawing just lately so have uploaded a few examples of my drawings and paintings to our website if you’d like to have a look – all feedback is greatly appreciated as I know I’m no great artist!!

Last week I was asked to make a bookatrix card by a friend for a ‘special sister’ who is a great cat lover, so here is what I came up with… they loved it, what do you think?

Sister Bookatrix

At the moment we have an order for over 150 pagan, spiritual, wiccan and gothic cards that we’re in the process of working on which is great fun as it is something totally different from the sort of images we would normally have chosen but I’m really enjoying this commission. In between working on this order and the smaller day to day orders that we are receiving, we are working frantically trying to build up stock for our website and forthcoming craft fair so we’ve definitely got plenty to keep us busy.

Does that stop me from thinking up new projects? Nooo… don’t be silly!!

Last week I took delivery of some gorgeous buttons from Peggy Crafts – I have no idea what I’m going to use my lovely new buttons for but I just fell in love with them and had to have them, since they arrived I’ve bought a few more really interesting and unusual buttons from our local craft shop… I’m gathering quite a selection, now I need to do something with them!!

Saturday morning brought the delivery of my nice new sewing machine… just a mini sewing machine that I’ve bought from Ebay but I thought it’d be ideal for trying out a few smaller projects before I decide if it would be worth my while investing in a full size machine. Perhaps I could incorporate my button selection into one of my sewing machine-fabric projects.

I have also just received some gorgeous fabric samples from Giesse Scampoli, Birmingham – the fabrics are divine, and so many to chose from! Once I’ve got all of our orders up to date then I’ll have to sit down and sort out which fabrics I want to order before they all sell out as I’m sure they won’t last forever!! Here is a quick swatch at the samples:


And a lovely friend has given me some material samples to try out too… not sure what I’ll do with these are they are relatively thick and not very flexible, I’m sure I’ll come up with something though:


So as you can see we’re being kept really busy at the moment and have lots to be going on with, in my wisdom I also started a new painting this morning – I have a habit of starting things at the most inconvenient times!! Not to worry, we’ll get everything finished in it’s own time then we’ll wonder what all the fuss was about!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful March and all of you who are getting back into the craft fairs for the year, good luck… here’s hoping they are a success for everyone!!


One comment

  1. It’s lovely to see how busy you are, some gorgeous fabric you’ve got there. I loved Peggy Craft’s buttons too, but have resisted – so far!

    Take care of yourself honey

    Jan xx

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