Friday 2nd January 2009

Good evening all, here it is… the first blog posting of 2009. What is there to report? Not much really… we’ve had a relatively quiet, family new year and spent today taking down the Christmas decorations and cleaning and tidying the house so all of the boring stuff is now done.

I’ve just finished updating our website too and adding a few sale offers to hopefully get things going for the year… I’ve also sent off a few enquiries for craft fairs throughout 2009 and follow up emails to retail outlets who have shown an interest in stocking our products.

Our aim for the weekend is to start working on samples for some new card ranges which we’ve been asked about… Pagan, Wiccan, Gothic and Fantasy… I want to get some samples together then hopefully we’ll get some orders for those. We also need to start working on our Valentines Day and Mothers Day ranges too.

Most exciting though, is that I ordered my Craft Robo this week so I’m desperately waiting for that to arrive… I just hope that I don’t have to wait too long!! I’m desperate to try it out and see what I can create. At the moment I’m having great fun creating new things with my Xyron personal cutting machine and Zyron creative station that I got for Christmas – both very good purchases by hubby!!

Happy New Year everyone!!


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