What does Christmas mean to you?

The new year is fast approaching and with it are many new opportunities, opening doors and hopefully happy times for all of us.

Over the last few days I have been doing a lot of thinking about the months gone by and things that are coming up and a friends recently asked me “what does Christmas mean to me?”  Well, the answer to that is that Christmas is a time when I can reflect on the year gone by, the events and happy times as well as the not so good times which we have got through as a family and look forward to the forthcoming year and everything it brings with it.  Christmas time is also very important to me as I get the chance to catch up with friends and family who I rarely see throughout the year since moving 250 miles away a few years ago, as well as just relaxing in the knowledge that everyone has a few days off work and has nowhere they ‘need’ to be.  I value the festive period to share with friends and family the chatting round the fire, the family meals, the catching up and the look of joy in the children’s faces when they receive the gifts that they truly appreciate.  Christmas is about friends and family, caring and sharing, enjoy valuable times together and remembering loved ones who have passed on but who’s spirits are still with us.

What does Christmas mean to everyone else?



  1. Christmas to me means family, friends and happiness. Christmas also means more smiles, baking and everything smells better! Love your blog!

  2. Christmas means, as you said, a chance to look back some regrets some lessons learned, some joyous times. Family and friends cooking and the wonderful smells that fill the house, decorations with lights twinkling.
    A chance to rest and then research and plan for the New Year and loo forward to the next 12 months, to then do it all again.

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